The resources on this website are for teaching young learners the ABC's by sight and sound. I have used the lesson and these materials to teach the ABCs to Japanese kindergarten students in groups up to 50.
The course is taught in 13 lessons; each lesson teaches 2 letters. Download the Lesson Plan to use for each lesson; a video is being made for you to watch and study. There are also many different flashcards to download and use in the lessons. And there are a few songs that you can download and copy to a CD to use in the lessons, too.
The lessons are really quite simple, but the repetition works well for young learners. The kids are really enthusiastic and joyful, so the lessons are fun to teach. Good luck with your lessons!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lesson Plan

Click below to download the Lesson Plan for the lessons. Use the same lesson plan every time- just keep adding more letters as you progress to the next lessons.

Materials Downloads

Click on the links to get:
  • ABC Poster- 2 colorful, large A3 pages that need to be glued together. You can choose other sizes when printing if you want a smaller poster.
  • Double Letter Recognition Prints- 4 to a page. Print them in color. Cut them in 1/4s. One for each student.
  • Students' Prints- Hand out to the kids after the lesson. The kids color them and then bind them together to make a little book of MY ABCs.
  • Graduation Certificate- Something to give the kids at the end of the year.

Flashcard Links

Click on the links below to download the flashcards. You can print any of the cards in the files by selecting the page number(s) before you print. The cards are A4 size, 2 flash cards to a print.
  1. Print the pages,
  2. Cut them in half (plus a little extra off the sides),
  3. Laminate 2 flashcards in an A4 laminate film with some space between the two cards,
  4. Then cut the laminate in half.
  5. You might want to cut/round the corners so you don't cut yourself while shuffling through the cards.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Music for the Lesson

Here are some tracks I made that you can download and copy to a CD. Take the CD to class to help you sing the songs and pronounce the words for the flashcards. Use the Phonics track before class to practice your own pronunciation.
  • ABC song. A-b-c-d-e-f-g, h-i-j-k-l-m-n.... English style, more common in Japan, easier to hear the letters l-m-n-o-p.
  • Phonics Flash Card review set. Each word is repeated twice, in order. With a beat. You can use it to practice your own pronunciation, too.
  • Happy Birthday song. 'Cause there'll be days when you wish you had it...
  • Be My Echo song. I sing a few letter sounds to get you going.
    Press the PLAY button to hear it now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Download Problems?

Having problems with downloads? Go to this page to access all of the downloads directly. Still having problems? Contact me by email.